Artificial Intelligence or Artificially Augmented Intelligence?

Earlier this year I wrote an article on LINKEDIN that questioned the Government’s stated desire to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) for use in military systems. My point being that true AI (sometimes called Real AI), cannot be controlled or validated and this makes it unsuitable for implementation in a machine capable of destroying human life. Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence or Artificially Augmented Intelligence?”

2 Exciting Announcements for 2019 From Bevilacqua Research Corporation

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Every year I like to give a “State of the Company” address at the company Christmas party. However as we have grown to almost 350 employees in 15 states and have 4-5 different Christmas parties spread over the months of December and January, it has become increasingly difficult for me to share company news. I hope this blog will provide a way for us to overcome that difficulty by establishing open communications among our many employees distributed across the US as well as others outside of BRC that have an interest in and can benefit from the topics we hope to discuss. These will range from internal company news items to technology, Business mentoring and advice, and other topics of general interest to the Department of Defense contracting and customer communities…..SO…here we go….Edition 1, January 4, 2019. Continue reading “2 Exciting Announcements for 2019 From Bevilacqua Research Corporation”