The Real Effect of The Government Shutdown on Small Businesses and Their Employees

People often are surprised to hear that I rarely (if ever) watch TV “news” channels. (In fact I rarely watch TV at all-I prefer to do my own thinking!). I am from the Walter Cronkite generation where news organizations were trusted and were believed to be the defenders of the truth (and therefore ultimately our freedom) in America. What I see today is that neither side of the liberal-conservative split in this country gets the truth from any news organization. Rather both sides get talking points designed solely to discredit the other side at the expense of the truth. Continue reading “The Real Effect of The Government Shutdown on Small Businesses and Their Employees”

The Top 10 Things a Protégé Company Leader Needs to Know

In my first blogpost I mentioned that for 27 years I have offered free mentoring to other small defense contractors.  Over the years I have found that there are several important pieces of information that every new business person needs to know and take to heart immediately if they are going to avoid many common business problems. Continue reading “The Top 10 Things a Protégé Company Leader Needs to Know”

Servant Leaders are Born…Not Made

Since BRC began almost 27 years ago, we have managed the company as servant leaders, electing to be employees of the company and re-investing all of the profit back into benefits and infrastructure. Over the years, we have been extremely blessed to have attracted some exceptional servant leaders into our executive staff. As we looked at developing a mid-level career training program however, we realized that not everyone that is technically capable to manage has the people skills necessary to be a good servant leader. In fact, our experience over the years has shown that to a large degree, good servant leaders are born and not made. Continue reading “Servant Leaders are Born…Not Made”