DoD Techlink Office to Release Article Highlighting BRC’s CORE Artificial Intelligence Tools

Yesterday I announced that we have started a promotional program to get the word out about our extensive experience over the past 27 years in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. Today I would like to announce that the Department of Defense Techlink office has written a Techlink article about our CORE toolkit that will be published as soon as it is approved for public release by the DOD Public Relations office. The evaluator that interviewed me for the story made the following comments when he passed the information about CORE on to Techlink’s editing team, “Honestly I doubt we will see another story with such advanced capabilities in our lifetime…… Once you read both documents you will understand the impact this technology does or will have on artificial intelligence in the immediate future.” The reviewer was talking about how the CORE toolkit gives non-AI experts the capability to quickly and easily build advanced AI/ML algorithms for their live, virtual and constructive applications.

We built the CORE tools exactly for that reason. AI/ML is one of those technology areas where unscrupulous contractors make tons of money by selling the Government old solutions by convincing them that the technology is so complex the Government couldn’t possibly do it themselves. They then claim proprietary rights to what they provide and end up costing taxpayers millions of dollars that shouldn’t have been paid.

I understand the Government believing that using known large businesses reduces risk, even if those companies are only selling advanced statistics programs under the guise of being “New AI” solutions. However, they must remember that most of the technological innovation in the U.S. comes from Small businesses and not the industry giants. This is why programs such as the DOD Techlink program are so valuable. They highlight the innovative ideas found in small U.S. businesses giving us a platform to get the word out to the DOD customer community.

We are excited that after almost 20 years of providing advanced AI/ML solutions for a select group of customers within the DOD that the Techlink article will help us to get the word out to the broader DOD community that proven advanced AI tools exist that will allow customers to quickly and easily develop cognitive processing algorithms to meet their AI/ML needs and most importantly, to do it without breaking the taxpayers wallet. As soon as the article is approved for public release I will post it for all to see. In the mean time if you have an immediate AI/ML requirement call our business development office that can be found on our website at

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