DoD Techlink Office to Release Article Highlighting BRC’s CORE Artificial Intelligence Tools

Yesterday I announced that we have started a promotional program to get the word out about our extensive experience over the past 27 years in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. Today I would like to announce that the Department of Defense Techlink office has written a Techlink article about our CORE toolkit that will be published as soon as it is approved for public release by the DOD Public Relations office. The evaluator that interviewed me for the story made the following comments when he passed the information about CORE on to Techlink’s editing team, “Honestly I doubt we will see another story with such advanced capabilities in our lifetime…… Once you read both documents you will understand the impact this technology does or will have on artificial intelligence in the immediate future.” The reviewer was talking about how the CORE toolkit gives non-AI experts the capability to quickly and easily build advanced AI/ML algorithms for their live, virtual and constructive applications. Continue reading “DoD Techlink Office to Release Article Highlighting BRC’s CORE Artificial Intelligence Tools”

2 Exciting Announcements for 2019 From Bevilacqua Research Corporation

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Every year I like to give a “State of the Company” address at the company Christmas party. However as we have grown to almost 350 employees in 15 states and have 4-5 different Christmas parties spread over the months of December and January, it has become increasingly difficult for me to share company news. I hope this blog will provide a way for us to overcome that difficulty by establishing open communications among our many employees distributed across the US as well as others outside of BRC that have an interest in and can benefit from the topics we hope to discuss. These will range from internal company news items to technology, Business mentoring and advice, and other topics of general interest to the Department of Defense contracting and customer communities…..SO…here we go….Edition 1, January 4, 2019. Continue reading “2 Exciting Announcements for 2019 From Bevilacqua Research Corporation”

Servant Leaders are Born…Not Made

Since BRC began almost 27 years ago, we have managed the company as servant leaders, electing to be employees of the company and re-investing all of the profit back into benefits and infrastructure. Over the years, we have been extremely blessed to have attracted some exceptional servant leaders into our executive staff. As we looked at developing a mid-level career training program however, we realized that not everyone that is technically capable to manage has the people skills necessary to be a good servant leader. In fact, our experience over the years has shown that to a large degree, good servant leaders are born and not made. Continue reading “Servant Leaders are Born…Not Made”

Coming Soon!

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Bevilacqua Research Corporation (BRC) is starting a blog! We will be covering topics such as Servant Leadership, Technology, Artificial Intelligence and other topics that we feel like blogging about. Please check back in the following weeks or go ahead and follow us using the widget on the right for further updates. You can also check out our social media profiles that are linked on the right. Continue reading “Coming Soon!”